We rely on donations to fund our activities. Your kindness and caring can make a huge difference to the everyday lives of the poor who live around the ashrams and beyond.  Please help us to give them back their dignity and make their world a happier place in which to live.  The relief programs we operate from the ashrams include caring for the hungry , the sick, the elderly  and the destitute - giving them love, understanding and hope for a brighter future.  Everyone  at the Ashram gives their time absolutely free but building the structures to allow us to do service and paying for the food and transport costs means we are always in need of extra funds.  The more you can help the more we can help.  It’s as simple as that.  For the price of two cups of coffee a month we can feed a family for a month!  Listen to your heart and stretch out your hands to your brothers and sisters!
Details of how to make a donation can be found below:
By Credit or Debit Card:
All donations have to be made in Indian rupees.  The amount will appear on your credit card statement in your local currency.  Enter the amount in rupees you wish to donate in the white box provided and then click the Donate button.  
For example: if you wish to send 1000 rupees just write 1000 in the box and click Donate.  A new page will open up so that you can add your card details.  All the Debit Cards listed are Indian, so if you are making a payment from outside India by Credit or Debit Card put the payment through under Credit Cards.  You can see exactly how much the amount corresponds to in your own currency by clicking   Click here to convert this amount in your local currency.
A rough guide for conversion rates is:  
US$1 = 47 rupees         €1 = 59 rupees         £1 = 71 rupees         1INR = 2.43 LKR

Contributions can also be sent directly from your bank:
For donations within India send to:
Sai Vinayaka Mission Charitable Trust
Bank: Andhra Bank, Puttaparthi, 515134  Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Bank Ref. No. : ANDB0001476
Sai Vinayaka Mission Charitable Trust Account Number:  147611100000113
For donations from abroad:
Due to the prevailing  laws governing the transfer of foreign currency to India, all donations sent from outside India are routed through an intermediary bank abroad where they are then sent on to the Andhra Bank Main Branch in Mumbai.   From there they are transferred to the Sai Vinayaka Mission Charitable Trust bank account in Puttaparthi.
The Swift Transfer Forms have already been filled out for you.  Print the correct form corresponding to the currency in which you wish to make your donation.  Fill out your Personal Bank Details and take the form to your bank so that they can process the transfer of funds.  Thank you for your loving help.

Click here to make a donation in US Dollars
Click here to make a donation in Euros
Click here to make a donation in Pounds Sterling  (GBP)

Thank you so much for your support!

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Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami healing at Amugonapallayam, a village in the forest region of Andhra Pradesh

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Service to humanity is the highest form of worship where every loving act is an offering to GOD

Text Box: Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008  Anantapur District, India

Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008  Anantapur District, India

Sai Vinayaka Mission Charitable Trust

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Sahib Cheruvu - the lake bordering the Vinayakananda Sadhana Nilayam Ashram

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