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Meditation Workshops

Text Box: The Kalyani Devi Kavantissamaharamaya Ashrama is an oasis of peace and love where anyone who is seeking the spiritual path to enlightenment may come.  We welcome people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  If you wish to visit us please telephone the Manager to arrange a suitable time as Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami’s timetable is very busy.
Swamiji holds meditation shibirs (workshops) where devotees experience the truth of communion with the Divine through meditation and the joy of Universal Love to guide them on their spiritual quest.  Swamiji’s over-riding vibration is one of love and compassion.  These are not formal teaching sessions but a discovery for each individual of his or her potential for unconditional love and Self-awareness.  
Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami holds workshops in various countries and travels for a number of months each year.  He also tours Sri Lanka each year giving healing and spiritual guidance to all who seek His help.
If you wish to come to a meditation workshop please contact one of our three centres; India, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.  You will find the contact details on the Contact Us page.

We are not Human Beings going through a spiritual experience

We are Spiritual Beings going through a Human Experience

The Buddha at The Golden Temple in Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Om Shanti  Shanti  Shantihi

Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami meditating in the  Ekambareshwarar Temple in Kanchipuram

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