Text Box: From the beginning of His spiritual life, Swamiji thought that although the Lord had blessed Him with a multitude of divine experiences, these meant nothing unless His hands were to be made useful.  He prayed fervently every day until His prayers were answered.   Healing energy began to flow not only from His hands but from His whole body.  Since then, so many  people from around the world have witnessed the miracles of the Divine’s healing love and compassion.  
Swamiji says: “Everything there is within the Universe is within you.  All shaktis are within you.  There is no truth in the outer physical world.  Only the inner spiritual world, the Higher Self, knows Truth and Love.  The Soul is changeless.  Everything in the  outer physical world is due to decay and is in a constant state of change—from the moment we are born till the moment of our physical death.”
When Swamiji heals He is aware of differing Shaktis manifesting within Him although in essence All is One.  The Shaktis may change according to a person’s religion or past lives; Lord Muhammad, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ, Saint Anthony, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh often manifest.  The Maitreya Energy is particularly strong in Sri Lanka.
If you wish to read accounts of devotees’ healing experiences please click the following link:  Testaments of Healing
Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami receives no money for the healing.  As He says: “ This is a gift from the Divine.  A priceless gift.  Unconditional love has its own rewards like the happiness on a mother’s face knowing her child has been cured and is safe”.
All who come to the Ashram can receive Swamiji’s help.  This may take the form of a group healing session or in certain cases an individual audience. Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami is guided as to which is more appropriate.
If you would like Swamiji to send healing to a loved one in your family who is ill or undergoing an operation, send an e-mail to svmct.india@gmail.com and we will pass your request on to Him.
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May the blessings of the Vishwa Shakti be with you and protect you
Namo Buddhaya.  May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you    
Allah Malik.  May the blessings of the Prophet Muhammad be with you
May the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ be always with you
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Healing Sessions

Text Box: Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008  Anantapur District, India

Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami healing at a village in the forest region of Andhra Pradesh