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Community Projects

Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008† Anantapur District, India

Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008† Anantapur District, India

Sai Vinayaka Mission Charitable TrustText Box: Text Box: The immediate plans for the Ashram site envisage the construction of a number of new buildings.  For more details go to the VSN Ashram India page.
The Kalyani Devi Kavantissamaharamaya Ashrama is on a small plot of land in Enderamulle, Wattala.  When funds allow we are hoping to buy an area of land near to Tissamaharama and start a building program similar to the one in India.  The present KDK Ashrama is not large enough to allow people to stay for more than a dayís visit.  With your help the new KDK Ashrama will offer facilities to visiting devotees that will allow them to  be in residence for a period of up to two months.  We also envisage the building of infrastructure that will permit us to carry out Food and Medical Relief Programs in the area around the KDK Ashrama.
The most vulnerable in society, namely the aged and the children, donít always receive the care and protection they should.  Swamiji says that everyone is our brother and sister and service to the least fortunate in our society is both an act of love and our profound duty.  With this in mind the SVMCT Trust has plans to construct  a number of buildings to meet their needs:
A Home for the Elderly for those people who do not have the support of their village communities, and also a refuge for widows who find themselves homeless and without family support.
A School and Community Centre where children of deprived families can come and receive free education.  As part of our Environment Awareness Program the children will also attend courses where they will be taught how to look after their immediate environment and gain practical experience  and new skills which they can take back to their villages.   To this end, the school will also house the EarthCare Centre .  This will be a vocational training centre imparting practical knowledge regarding agro-forestry cultivation.  There will be a broad-spectrum curriculum incorporating bio-science, meteorology, ecological concerns, human-values, spiritual evolvement and personal well-being and care.
As part of our Outreach Community Program we are liaising with local villages  and authorities to see how we can bring more support to the daily lives of local villagers.  With this aim we have decided to:
Seek out and assist children from poor families and offer grants to enable them to study and maximise their potential in society.  This would also involve liaising with educational institutions and schools in the area to maximise their involvement in the scheme.
Identify local schools having need of financial assistance for the purchase of books, furniture and a clean and adequate water supply, toilet  and washing facilities for the staff and pupils.
Assist the poor and weaker sections of society in constructing houses and developing income   generating projects in collaboration with Government Agencies.  To further aid in the setting up of small cottage industries so that small communities without obvious income can become self-sufficient.  
 Assist or collaborate with Resource Institutions and other Organisations having similar objectives to the Trustís objectives.

It is important to say that we see service to the community as a collaboration between equals.  We are here only to give the local community the tools with which they can help themselves.  We  are here to assist, not dictate how people should live their lives.  Our guide is always a loving heart: helping ever, hurting never!

May the blessings of the Vishwa Shakti be with you and protect you
Namo Buddhaya.  May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you
Allah Malik.  May the blessings of the Prophet Muhammad be with you
May the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ be always with you

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The Vinayakananda Sadhana Nilayam occupies a site of about 11 acres.† There is still much building work to be completed and we also have plans to buy more land for the building of an eco-friendly community project where anyone who wishes to can purchase a property and live near to the Ashram .† All construction will be in compressed stabilized earth blocks† (CSEB) which rival the finest standard bricks available in terms of strength and durability.† They are highly cost-effective, have an extremely low carbon footprint and have a wonderful natural vibration.† They have the added advantage of keeping the buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter.† Here are some examples of what can be achieved using CSEB Blocks.

Text Box: Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008  Anantapur District, India