Text Box: Can anyone learn to meditate?
Yes, but it requires calmness and patience.  There are three stages to higher meditation.  Concentration, Contemplation and finally Meditation.  Meditation is a state of nothingness where both time and space disappear.  It is a state of total bliss and unconditional love.
What are the advantages/benefits of meditation?
True meditation is that state where you transcend your senses and body attachment and forget yourself.  Only then will you attain the steadiness of mind.   Meditation (Dhyana Yoga) brings a great deal of physical well-being.  The heart beats more slowly, blood pressure is reduced and stress levels from our hectic life-styles are greatly reduced.  Concentration is also markedly  improved, as is the ability to think through problems.  Spiritually, meditation is the gateway to the Higher Self.  It is the path of reunion of the Self and God.  It is the realization that we are all embodiments of the One God.
Do you need any special attributes?
Only love, patience and a need to see the process of Self-discovery through to its inevitable end.  Everyone can begin the path to higher consciousness.  The effort must be constant or results will not be forthcoming.  Your inner voice will tell you when you need to embark upon the spiritual path.  At that point your Guru will find you.  Meditation is an act of love and Self discovery.
Can I meditate on my own or do I need to be in a group?
In the early stages it is better to meditate in a group, in collectivity.  God is Unity.  Unity is Divinity.  We are all aspects of the One God.  Sharing an experience with like-minded spiritual people has a wonderful effect on your character, bringing light into your life and into the lives of all those around you.  You are the company you keep.  When you begin it is important that you have a Guru who can guide you and protect you.  As you progress you can also meditate on your own.  In reality, though, meditation is union with the Universe, the Vishwa Shakti and brings you to the realization that we are all part of one-another .  Everyone is your brother or sister.  You will eventually see your Self in all human beings and in all that there is.
What are the different levels of meditation?
Initially, beginners will sit down quietly, close their eyes and try to keep their minds quiet.  The mind , however, is a monkey mind!  Always popping into your consciousness just when you don’t want it too!  The first stage in meditation is to learn to still your thoughts so that you begin to be in control of what you are thinking and not letting the mind rule you.  The second stage is contemplation: this is where  the level of stillness of the mind allows you to  concentrate on a fixed idea.  This may be your Guru , the Atma (Higher Self) or a chosen Mantra, at the exclusion of all other thoughts.  This brings you into Oneness with the object of your contemplation.  The third stage is meditation:  this is where you completely transcend your senses and your body consciousness and forget yourself (the physical self) .  You enter into a state of perfect bliss and unconditional love.  A state of nothingness where time and physical space are non-existent.  There is no sense of your attachment to this earthly realm.  You return to the Divine Source that is your true Self (your Higher Self or Atma).
What happens during a healing session?
Swamiji is a channel for the healing Shakti energy, a catalyst for the process of transformation.  While healing is taking place you may  experience a feeling of coldness or heat or even go into a state of thoughtlessness.   Some people have divine visions of the shaktis. The shaktis may change according to a person’s religion or past lives.  It is a totally safe and loving environment. 
Will the new KDK Ashrama and the VSN Ashram be ecological sites?
Yes, both Ashrams will be run totally on Green values.  All the buildings will be constructed using compressed stabilized earth blocks  (CSEB) which rival the finest standard bricks available in terms of strength and durability.  They are highly cost-effective, have an extremely low carbon footprint and have a wonderful natural vibration.  They have the added advantage of keeping the buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The agricultural land will be cultivated using permaculture technology, a totally organic farming practice which respects the natural vibration of the land and the intrinsic nature of the plants being cultivated.  Food grown this way has a much higher spiritual/nutritional value and fills the body with cosmic (pure pranic) energy, to balance, harmonise and  transform.
What are  CSEB Blocks?
Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks are a mixture of good soil and about 5% to 7% concrete that are mixed and then compressed using a special motorized or manual press such as the Aurum 3000.  Good soil is made up of 15% gravel, 15% sand, 15% silt and 20% clay.  The resulting blocks are then left to dry for four weeks before then being used in construction.
What kind of machine do you need to make them?
The VSN Ashram has bought an Aurum 3000 manual press.  This can be operated by local villagers who not only find work on the ashram but are learning the techniques so that they can eventually build their own houses in their own villages.

What is permaculture and how does it work?
Permaculture is an organically sound method of farming designed to create sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns.  It uses the diversity, stability and resilience  of natural ecosystems to provide a framework and guidance for people to develop their own sustainable solutions for their environment and create a pollution free environment in which to live.  It is based on the philosophy of co-operation with nature and caring for the earth and its people.
How can I do service for the KDK Ashrama?
We are always extremely happy to welcome volunteers.  We carry out programs for food relief  on a daily basis and we certainly need help with the extensive building  projects planned over the next 18 months.  We would ask you to  help raise funds in your area.  This can take the form of a sponsored walk or ride or any other activity, such as a jumble sale, where funds can be raised.  £25 feeds two whole villages for a day or a family of four  for three  months.
Are the KDK Ashrama and the VSN Ashram open to all denominations?
Yes.  Of course!  Both Ashrams are open to devotees of all religions and ethnic backgrounds.  God is One and we are all brothers and sisters!  There is provision within the daily Ashram Prayer Sessions to bring your own heart-felt prayers to the group and share them with others.  This way we can all learn from one-another and build understanding between faiths.
How can I make a donation to the SVMCT Trust?
You can make a donation by Credit Card or Debit Card.  Please go to the Donations Page and follow the instructions.  You can also send a BACS payment via your bank to the SVMCT Trust Account c/o the Andhra Bank in Puttaparthi or set up a standing order and become a Friend of the SVMCT Trust.  Details can be found by clicking on the  following links: 
Friends of the SVMCT Trust   or   Donations
What are the donations mainly spent on?
Most of the funds are given over to the Food Relief Program and the rest helps with the on-going building works , designed to expand our ability to reach out and help the community.  We are also  setting up Local Service Centres .
Can I choose where my donation is spent?
Yes, you can.  You can ask for your contributions to be spent on any area or project that is particularly close to your heart.  Write your request in the Instructions Box on the payments page.
What is an Ecological Community?
The Vinayakananda Sadhana Nilayam Community will be made up of like-minded spiritual people who have the respect for Mother Earth central to their way of life.  It will be a pollution-free area based on the philosophy of co-operation with nature and caring for the earth and its people.  Anyone who wishes may purchase a cottage in the Community and live close to the VSN Ashram.  The funds from the sale of the houses will be ploughed back into the SVMCT Trust  funds and spent  on Service projects for the outlying villages.
Is it possible to have a private interview with Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami?
Yes, it is.   All who come to the Ashram can receive Swamiji’s help.  This may take the form of a group healing session or in certain cases an individual audience.  Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami is guided as to which is more appropriate.
If you would like Swamiji to send healing to a loved one in your family who is ill or undergoing an operation, send an e-mail to svmct.india@gmail.com and we will pass your request on to Him.
You can also find our details on the Contact Us link.

Do you organize satsang sessions at the KDK Ashrama and the VSN Ashram?
Yes, we do.  Swamiji meets for an hour with the devotees to discuss spiritual aspects of importance and to encourage people to share their  personal thoughts and experiences with each other.  This also fosters inter-faith understanding.

May the blessings of the Vishwa Shakti be with you and protect you
Namo Buddhaya.  May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you
Allah Malik.  May the blessings of the Prophet Muhammad be with you
May the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ be always with you
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Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami (Sri Sai Vinayaka Baba) at the Maha Kumbh Mela at Haridwar  2010