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Service to humanity is the highest form of worship where every loving act is an offering to GOD

Text Box: By the Grace of Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami’s Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, the following miracles took place  in the house of Vijaya and Vasanthi Kumara in Colombo and at the nearby Buddhist temple:
The name of the boy blessed with healing has been left out of the account to protect the family’s privacy.
A fifteen year old boy came to the Buddhist Temple with his mother who explained that her son’s kidney had failed and was in such a bad state that the doctors had said that he needed a kidney transplant to save his life.  During the healing Swamiji received a message that the boy would not need to undergo an operation and that he would be healed by the Divine Energy.  After the healing the mother took her son to the doctor for another check-up.  To his astonishment the doctor found that the kidney had re-grown into a healthy organ.
A girl called Suhaniya had been suffering from severe headaches for over a year.  She was told by her doctors that she had a brain tumour which would have to be surgically removed.  After the healing session with Swamiji she went to the hospital for another medical check-up and the tumour had completely disappeared.
A man call Kamal from Wattala who had been suffering after having a nervous breakdown and was under medication, came to Swamiji for healing.  During the session Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami told him that the Divine Energy would work from within him over a period of time.   After a couple of months Kamal began to change  and soon became normal again.  He is now back at work and living with his family happily and peacefully.  His family says this is a real miracle because he had been in a very bad condition, doing nothing and going to the mental hospital from time to time. 
 The following miracle happened at the KDK Ashrama at Enderamulle

In 2008 Swamiji gave healing to a girl call Champa who experienced a lovely Jasmine fragrance in the palms of her hands.  She came for the healing in the morning and during the healing Swamiji touched her hands and gave her a blessing.  She phoned and told the Manager of the KDK Ashram that the Jasmine fragrance had been there in her palms from the time she got the blessing till when she went to bed at night.  She said she had had the beautiful Jasmine fragrance even after washing her hands for dinner.  She had shared this experience with her younger brother and he too could smell the same fragrance coming out of her palms.
In fact, Champa also told the Manager that no sooner they got down from their vehicle, a good way from the Ashram, until they came inside ,they had experienced a strong incense smell. 

The following miracle happened at the Buddhist Temple in Nupe

Swamiji was visiting the Buddhist Temple in Nupe to give healing to the local villagers including some survivors of the 2004 Tsunami.  The Head Monk had asked Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami if the other monks could come for healing.  Swamiji went to the temple and was praying before the statue of Lord Vishnu in preparation for the healings.  As He opened His eyes He saw Lord Vishnu come out of the statue and enter His own physical body.  At that moment a monk entered the temple for his healing.   As Swamiji stretched out His hands the monk was given Shaktipat (awakening of the Kundalini Energy) and was showered with Divine Grace.

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May the blessings of the Vishwa Shakti be with you and protect you
Namo Buddhaya.  May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you
Allah Malik.  May the blessings of the Prophet Muhammad be with you
May the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ be always with you

Text Box: Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008  Anantapur District, India

Registered Charity No. 39 of BK4 2008  Anantapur District, India

Sai Vinayaka Mission Charitable Trust