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The Vinayakananda Sadhana Nilayam Ashram occupies a site of about 14 acres.  There is still much building work to be completed and we also have plans to buy more land for the construction of an eco-friendly community project where anyone who wishes to can purchase a property and live near to the Ashram .  All construction will be in compressed stabilized earth blocks  (CSEB) which rival the finest standard bricks available in terms of strength and durability.  They are highly cost-effective, have an extremely low carbon footprint and have a wonderful natural vibration.  They have the added advantage of keeping the buildings cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Here are some examples of what can be achieved using CSEB Blocks.

The Ashram is open to devotees of all religions and ethnic backgrounds and was set up in 2008 with two main purposes in mind; the spiritual upliftment of people seeking the path of divine knowledge through meditation and the setting up of humanitarian food and medical programs to give practical help, love and dignity to the poor and under-privileged in the surrounding villages and in the wider community. 
The immediate plans for the Ashram site envisage the construction of a number of new buildings:
A Multifaith Temple open to all people for prayer and meditation 
A Guesthouse for visiting devotees and dignitaries
A Meditation Hall where workshops will be given in meditation (dhyana yoga) and where devotees can come to find peace and spiritual upliftment and enjoy daily satsangs.
Living quarters (a Kutir) for Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami
A Yagna Shala  (a Holy Place for performing Yagnas)
A Reception  Hall / Office to welcome visiting devotees.
A Kitchen to provide free food for all people in need who come to the ashram including all villagers in the outlying areas
A Dining Hall for visiting devotees.
A Medical Centre comprising two rooms for male and female patients in need of medical attention and a reception area.  All treatment and medicines will be given free of charge.
A Toilet Block and Shower Block for the use of the visitors to the Ashram.
A School and Community Centre where children of deprived families can come and receive free education.  As part of our Environment Awareness Program the children will also attend courses where they will be taught how to look after their immediate environment and gain practical experience  and new skills which they can take back to their villages.   To this end, the school will also house the EarthCare Centre .  This will be a vocational training centre imparting practical knowledge regarding agro-forestry cultivation.  There will be a broad-spectrum curriculum incorporating bio-science, meteorology, ecological concerns, human-values, spiritual evolvement and personal well-being and care.
Plans are also in preparation to initiate a Program of Forestation on an area of the ashram roughly equivalent to 3 acres.  We  will be taking the advice of experts in the field as to the type and density of the trees required and liaising with the relevant authorities as to the suitability of the project.  As well as providing a habitat for local bird-life, the trees should greatly enhance the beauty of the area and provide a spiritual retreat for those devotees wishing to practice meditation in a natural environment.  

May the blessings of the Vishwa Shakti be with you and protect you
Namo Buddhaya.  May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you
Allah Malik.  May the blessings of the Prophet Muhammad be with you
May the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ be always with you

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Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami  performing the cow blessing ceremony at Veeranjeneyapalle village in Andhra Pradesh

Sri Shivvinayakananda Swami with the ashram priest Sai Prasad at the Vinayakananda Sadhana Nilayam Ashram

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Vinayakananda Sadhana Nilayam Ashram

The name of Muhammad written in traditional Thuluth calligraphy


The Cave Hira in the mountain Jabal al-Nour where Muhammad received His first revelation

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

of Puttaparthi


Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Lord Jesus Christ

The Synagogue at Capernaum where  Lord  Jesus  taught  and performed  many  miracles

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